The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss

“It’s time for us to talk about those thirty pounds you’ve been meaning to lose for the past three years,” my doctor told me gently. I agreed with him and outlined a diet I was going to try. “What about exercise?” he asked. “If you don’t exercise you won’t lose weight. Exercise is the only sensible way to burn off that fat.” These were not words I wanted to hear. I hate exercise. I hate to sweat. But I knew what he said was true. Adding exercise to your routine is critical for successful weight loss. Exercise will reduce the Read More

How many workouts for abs

One of the most difficult parts of your body to achieve noticeable results on is your abdominal area. The abs are some of the most difficult muscles to actually target and see results. This is partially because people store a majority of fat in their mid section making it difficult to get definition in the different abdominal muscles. Because of this it is important to make sure you are doing a cardio program as well as a full nutritional program if you want to get the ever elusive “6 pack.” In addition to these programs you will have to make Read More

6 ways to lose weight with Fit Orbit

There is definitely some reason that some people trying to lose weight with a weight loss program get great results, while others seem to fall by the wayside. If you have been trying to lose weight, but have not been successful, it may be time to access your diet program. Recently I came across fit orbit, a program that will help you see the results you want. Here are six ways that this program can help you Choose your own trainer: You can choose your own trainer to fit your needs, not just one that is available. In order to Read More

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