The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss

“It’s time for us to talk about those thirty pounds you’ve been meaning to lose for the past three years,” my doctor told me gently. I agreed with him and outlined a diet I was going to try. “What about exercise?” he asked. “If you don’t exercise you won’t lose weight. Exercise is the only sensible way to burn off that fat.”

These were not words I wanted to hear. I hate exercise. I hate to sweat. But I knew what he said was true. Adding exercise to your routine is critical for successful weight loss. Exercise will reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes but—most importantly—it is vital to weight loss.

While exercising alone may not cause me to lose weight, it is an absolutely crucial component—along with a healthy diet and eating less. Just as importantly it is necessary for keeping off the weight. People who kept weight off for over a decade exercised at least an hour a day. Whether you exercise alone, use a DVD, join a running/walking group, Pilates class, or take out a gym membership, you need a planned exercise program that is right for you.So, since I had to exercise, I looked at what I found least objectionable. I took up biking and swimming. If the weather was unsafe for biking, I went to a spinning class. Slowly, I began to see weight loss and a more toned body. Even more surprising, I began to have fun! My husband and I took up biking and enjoyed our hours in the country. It was a time for us to do weight loss and reconnect as a couple. My spinning class mates were so much fun I started to attend twice a week. Swimming helped me tone muscles, lose weight and reconnect with friends from my high school swim team.

You don’t have time for a spinning class or a bike ride? If you make some lifestyle changes, exercise will get built into your day. Here are some suggestions. Park and walk. OR leave the car at home and walk to the grocery store, the library, the movies, or the gym. You will improve your body and the environment! Pass the elevators and take the stairs. Go for a walk during your lunch hour. Get up an hour earlier and jog, walk, run or swim before work. Join an after-work walking or spinning or aerobics class. You’ll find the time if exercise and weight loss are important to you.

The secret is not what exercise but rather than you exercise a minimum of five hours a week.

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